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Our Mission

Detroit Power Detroit Inc,  strives to eliminate racial disparities by creating  upward mobility among oppressed groups to achieve social and economic equity.

Our Team

Detroit Power Detroit Inc founding members consist of a diverse collection of experienced Social Workers who aim to discover unique solutions to the our community's problems.  


Detroit Sport Clinic

Our sport clinics teaches children the fundamentals of sports, while building leadership skills. We access each child's area of need for growth helping to improve the child's physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Fashion Kids

Hear Me Out Youth

Creates a safe space for underserved youth in Detroit to express themselves. The HMO youth program will focus on providing African American youth with access to mental health services to help strengthenindividualcapacitytoregulate emotions, enhance alternatives to risk taking behaviors, build resiliency and promote supportive social environments with social networks.

Young Money

Educates youth on how making good financial choices will impact future wealth, while also teaching them the basics of money and entrepreneurship.


Together we can do something amazing. Learn how you can join us as a volunteer. 

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